[lug] Weird link issue

Jeremy linux at pedalwrench.com
Thu Jun 26 08:36:53 MDT 2003


I have a weird link issue.  I have a redhat 9 server  with 2 hard drives.
one 20GB with the OS on ext3 partitions, and the other a 40GB with my data
on a fat32 partition.  my home dir is on the 20GB.  I would like to link the
/data/music dir on the 40GB to my home dir so I can FTP in and download
music to my laptop.  I can create symlinks, but cannot create hard links
across the 2 devices.  When I create a symlink and FTP in my music dir does
not appear as a folder as it would on the server.  I have a few theories on
why this happens, can anyone tell me for sure.

1.  My users are chrooted using ProFTP and will never be able to get out of
their home dir and surf the rest of the machine.

2.  ext3 and my fat32 dir are incompatible

3,  my permissions on either drive is screwed up

Thanks for the input.


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