[lug] Anonymous web host (OT)

Ben Luey lueyb at jilau1.Colorado.EDU
Sun Jun 29 18:51:53 MDT 2003

I have a web page hosted on a server A that does support php, which I want
to use. So I found another server (B) that does, but I don't what to
change the url for my webpage to obscure.random.net/strangedir/me -- is
there a way to have current web page just load the other web page
transparently so surfers don't see that they the page is running off
server B? I know I could do this with a large frame, but I'm hoping there
is a better solution. Server A supports some perl, but with some security
limitations on it or something like that.



Ben Luey
lueyb at jilau1.colorado.edu

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