[lug] Anonymous web host (OT)

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Sun Jun 29 19:43:44 MDT 2003

Ben Luey said:
> I have a web page hosted on a server A that does support php, which I
> want to use. So I found another server (B) that does, but I don't what
> to change the url for my webpage to obscure.random.net/strangedir/me --
> is there a way to have current web page just load the other web page
> transparently so surfers don't see that they the page is running off
> server B? I know I could do this with a large frame, but I'm hoping
> there is a better solution. Server A supports some perl, but with some
> security limitations on it or something like that.

First, I am assuming that by "server A that does support php" you mean
that server A DOESN'T support PHP.

Surely you can GET the output of your PHP script on server B with perl. 
You can then just echo that output out to the client.

IOW, the only output from this perl script would be the HTML it downloads
as a result of hitting you PHP script URL on server B.  No frame or other

If you're really 'leet you can probably just have one copy of a two line
script on A.  Links to that script with different names would then
automagically hit the right PHP URL based on $0.

I hope this makes sense . . .


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