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Mon Jun 30 02:42:25 MDT 2003

On Sun, Jun 29, 2003 at 07:48:52PM -0600, Tony Dyson wrote:
> Would simple HTML redirection do what you want?

Not really (if i understand the OP correctly): redirection would
change the URL displayed in the browser.
One can "fool" client browsers by just having an "outer" webpage on
server A that is nothing more than a frameset with one frame that
has as its content the webpagefrom server B.
The most canonic way to go would be apache's mod_proxy, since 
proxying is really what'S happening here.

HTH Ralf Mattes

> Ben Luey wrote:
> >I have a web page hosted on a server A that does support php, which I want
> >to use. So I found another server (B) that does, but I don't what to
> >change the url for my webpage to obscure.random.net/strangedir/me -- is
> >there a way to have current web page just load the other web page
> >transparently so surfers don't see that they the page is running off
> >server B? I know I could do this with a large frame, but I'm hoping there
> >is a better solution. Server A supports some perl, but with some security
> >limitations on it or something like that.
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