[lug] CPU tester, Disk tester

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Tue Jul 1 19:27:19 MDT 2003

I recently had a machine exhibit similar behavior.  The memory was at fault but memtest caught the problem.

If you can, start swapping components.  I'd go for replacing the mobo/cpu.


> Hi,
> I've a Redhat 9 box that crashes roughly once an hour
> when doing just about any trivial task.
> And it crashes reliably every time I run makewhatis.
> No trace is left in the log file.  It's a brand
> new installation, off the net, so I doubt it's been hacked.
> My guess is hardware.  I've run memtest86 and
> the memory appears OK.
> I suspect it's either the Intel Pentium, the VIA board,
> or the disk.  Do you know of any utilities to stress test
> Pentiums, the board, or disks?
> I've written a small disk tester program, but in userspace I can
> only test my allocated files.  Much more useful would
> be a bootable tester that tests EVERY block.
> Any ideas on Pentium or disk testers?
> Thanks,
> Steve

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