[lug] MAC question re: Comcast

Arlan Ramsay ramsay at euclid.Colorado.EDU
Sat Jul 5 15:33:41 MDT 2003

Sometime in the last 7 days or so, I began to have problems with programs
running on a remote machine.  The ones that I know for sure are xdvi,
pine, and an editor that produces TeX files and shows me approximate
versions of what will be printed after TeX processing.  An example with
xdvi is this:

euclid>xdvi ch3v3
Disconnecting: Corrupted MAC on input.

Here is some context.  I have been trying to set up a wireless home
network using a D-link wireless router and a card with antenna in the
computer. Until I get the driver for the D-link card working, I have been
connecting it to the router via NIC and cable.  I thought the router might
be the problem.  However, what just happened was with the NIC and cable
directly to the cable modem.  I even shut down the cable modem and
computer and started over.  It made no difference.

When the cable service was ATT, I didn't have the router.  I don't know
how to tell whether the problem is because Comcast has a different setup,
because I have had the router, or something I haven't thought of.  Could
it be that Comcast is deliberately sabotaging linux users?  With WIN98, I
can't use any of the X programs, so finding out that WIN98 doesn't have
the MAC problem wouldn't be good news for me to get my work done.

Side remark: My lack of enthusiasm for Microsoft goes back to 1983 when
they claimed they had a C compiler that would allow register values to be
set and interrupts to be called.  As I recall, register A could be set but
not much else could be done.  That was before Borland, which cost $50 or
less versus $300 or more for Microsoft.

TIA for any help.

Arlan Ramsay

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