[lug] TV Tuner Recommendations?

Andrew J Jenkins andrew at winston.homelinux.org
Sun Jul 6 16:00:03 MDT 2003

On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 15:41, Peter Hutnick wrote:
> I'd like to get rid of my TV.
> Can anyone recommend a tuner card that:
> 1. Works easily with Linux (no binary drivers, please).
> 2. Has a composite input, so I can use my VCR and PS2 without having to go
> through an RF adapter.
> 3. Cheap!
> -Peter
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I've successfully installed two Aver-TV tuner cards in linux boxes. 
They do composite, S-Video and RF.  They work with linux (xawtv) and
free mainline kernel drivers (bttv.o I think - one of the standard
Video4Linux modules if not that one).  CompUSA says $49.


I'm not sure if this one has linux-supported MPEG encoding - you can
watch TV, but if you're recording, I think you might have to do it in
software.  I didn't try recording much, just used it in the dorm for
playing consoles when my roommate moved out with the TV.

Andrew J Jenkins
GPG Public Key ID: 2DB6DA63

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