[lug] MAC question re: Comcast

Paul Walmsley shag-blug at booyaka.com
Mon Jul 7 11:48:10 MDT 2003

On Sat, 5 Jul 2003, Arlan Ramsay wrote:

> Sometime in the last 7 days or so, I began to have problems with programs
> running on a remote machine.  The ones that I know for sure are xdvi,
> pine, and an editor that produces TeX files and shows me approximate
> versions of what will be printed after TeX processing.  An example with
> xdvi is this:
> euclid>xdvi ch3v3
> Disconnecting: Corrupted MAC on input.

This message is coming from ssh.  What versions of ssh are the client and
server running?  If they don't match, consider upgrading one or both so
they match.

- Paul

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