[lug] July 10, 2003 - Boulder Linux Users Group BBQ/Meeting

Chris Riddoch Christopher.Riddoch at colorado.edu
Tue Jul 8 14:18:24 MDT 2003

                  Linux User's Group BBQ/Meeting

Where:  Martin Park, at the corner of Table Mesa and Broadway.
        Meet by the barbecue grill and tables.

When:   Thursday, July 10, 2003, starting at 6:00 P.M. 

        Bring your own beef/chicken/pseudo-meat as desired.
        Bring something to share - soda, chips, etc.
        No alcohol, please - people can go somewhere for drinks
        afterwards.  There will unfortunately be no 802.11b
        accessible from the park, but we could go to Cafe Sole
        when it gets dark.

There will not be an official presentation or demo, but feel free to
bring a laptop to show things off.  There *will* be a raffle for
books, etc., shortly after 8:00.

Driving Directions:

  From the north: Take Broadway south of Baseline Rd., turn right on
  Dartmouth (traffic light).

  From Table Mesa Blvd. or further South/East: Take Table Mesa
  Blvd. to Broadway. Turn north on Broadway, then right on Dartmouth
  (traffic light.)

  * Right on 35th St.
  * Left on Eastman
  * Right on 36th St.
  * Park on street or turn left into parking lot.

Christopher.Riddoch at colorado.edu
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