[lug] 2 Hard Drive Configuration

Gregory Haggquist gwh at traptek.com
Wed Jul 9 08:35:50 MDT 2003

I have the following systems which I would like to combine to a dual boot
system. Hard Drive A has RedHat 8.0 and Hard Drive 2 has 9.0, both were set
up separately with one hard drive. I have 2 IDE controllers, and one cable
can not reach both drives. The only way I can connect both drives at once is
to use two cables - a Primary Master and a Secondary Master. If I connect
one drive at a time I can boot up the respective operating systems. I have
both drives with the jumper setting on SINGLE, is this correct? I am
assuming the MASTER/SLAVE setting is when you have 2 drives on one cable.

What I want is to be able to have both hard drives connected at the same
time and choose which system to boot. If I boot on Hard Drive A I would
still like to access data on Hard Drive B and vis-à-vis.

Any suggestions I how to configure this?

I would be willing to re-install RedHat 9.0 on hard drive B with both hard
drives connected if that is a viable path.

Greg Haggquist
gwh at traptek.com

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