[lug] 2 Hard Drive Configuration

Michael D. Hirsch mhirsch at nubridges.com
Wed Jul 9 09:27:58 MDT 2003

On Wednesday 09 July 2003 10:35 am, Gregory Haggquist wrote:
> What I want is to be able to have both hard drives connected at the same
> time and choose which system to boot. If I boot on Hard Drive A I would
> still like to access data on Hard Drive B and vis-à-vis.
> Any suggestions I how to configure this?

Grub of LILO should be easy to configure to the root partition on each 
drive easily.  You just add a line (Grub) or a stanza (LILO) that points 
to the appropriate kernel and partition and away you go.

You will probably need to do some work on the second installation to get it 
to boot properly from the second drive.  If it is not already very 
customized, the easiest thing to do may be to set up the hardware the way 
you want it and then reinstall RH 9 on the second drive.  It will probably 
show up as hdc.


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