[lug] G40 Series Thinkpad Problems

Frederic Herman fherman at inferential.com
Fri Jul 11 21:54:18 MDT 2003

jeffrey l koehn wrote:

>Use an updated kernel and/or patch the
>kernel. Then compile.
>On Thursday 10 July 2003 10:18 pm, you wrote:
>>I have a G40 series Thinkpad (not to be confused with a T40). 
>>The G40 is a new series.  Is there anyone using this Notebook
>>I have two issues:
>>[1] Internal ethernet adapter not recognized.  /proc/pci  shows:
>>   Bus  2, device   0, function  0:
>>     Ethernet controller: PCI device 14e4:170d (Broadcom
>>Corporation) (rev 1).
>>       IRQ 11.
>>       Master Capable.  Latency=64.  Min Gnt=64.
>>       Non-prefetchable 64 bit memory at 0xd0200000 [0xd020ffff].
>>[2]	Battery status and charger status not reported correctly in
>>KDE applet.  I suspect the bios may have acpi rather than APM,
>>but I don't know how I could confirm this.
>>So far, IBM tech support has stonewalled me in my attempt to talk
>>to someone knowledgeable in linux.  I understand the problems are
>>solvable, because  EmporerLinux sells a preloaded G40 which is
>>supposed to have APM and internal ethernet support, but they have
>>ignored my requests for information since I didn't buy the
>>notebook from them.
>>I have Googled for info but came up empty.  I have posted to a
>>couple other mailing lists including RedHat's, but didn't get
>>anywhere that way.  Someone at our LUG (PPLUG.ORG) thought your
>>LUG had some IBM experts.
>>Any help would be appreciated.  If someone has an inside contact
>>at IBM, that could also help.
>>Fred Herman
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How will that help the internal ethernet hardware problem?  As for the 
apm/acpi issue, it might help to do a custom kernel build with acpi, but 
I would like to avoid using non-stock kernel's, because that would 
require doing so every time a new kernel comes out, e=until the standard 
ones have acpi support.  That's assuming turning on acpi would solve 
that problem.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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