[lug] G40 Series Thinkpad Problems-- SOLVED !!!

Matthew Snelham infinite at sigalrm.com
Sun Jul 13 15:38:43 MDT 2003

On 13 Jul 2003 03:24 PM or thereabouts, Frederic Herman wrote:
> I dug into the supplied software from Broadcom.  I found that one of the 
> .h files refers to memory address, but that they were not in the ranges 
> reported by /rpoc/bios.  So I changed the base address of all thge 
> defined addresses, recompiled the driver, qand it loaded.  I then  
> brought up the interface, and it worked.  I need to put together 
> something for the linux-laptops web site I guess.

Nice work!   Those crazy engineers... use off the shelf chipsets, but just
*have* to be different.

Was it just the ioport, iomem, or PCI ID value that you had to update?  
/me mutters something positive about open source. ;-) 

infinite at sigalrm.com

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