[lug] Moving to Boulder area...how's broadband?

Brad Doctor bdoctor at ps-ax.com
Mon Jul 28 08:42:59 MDT 2003

If you go to an outlying area, I highly recommend that you contact IonSky:

They do 802.11b, and I have an installation that spans 4 miles and provides 
1M down and 256 up.  I moved to Coal Creek Canyon from Broomfield in July.  
I had DSL for three years through Speakeasy and I have to say, the connection 
through IonSky is actually *better* than my old DSL line!  They will do a free 
site survey to see if you are eligible.

I use my home machines remotely all day, 5dpw.  I have yet to experience a 
single hiccup.  I am truly amazed :)


> Hi all,
> Looks like I'll be moving soon to the Boulder area from Fort Collins and
> have been pondering the idea of trying to rent a place in one of the 
> outlying towns a few miles from Boulder, like Lyons, Nederland, Ward, 
> Lefthand Canyon area, etc.  Anyone know what internet options I'd have 
> available out in such areas?  
> Also, If I decide to go somewhere within Boulder itself, how well-wired 
> is the town for cable broadband and such?  (I've had cable through AT&T for 
> a long while now here in Ft.Collins and am very pleased with it.)  Are there
> any areas that you're aware of that are definately no-nos for cable or DSL 
> home broadband?  
> Thanks!
> Neil
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