[lug] Linux from Windows

Alex Olivas olivas at slac.stanford.edu
Mon Jul 28 11:38:55 MDT 2003

i'm assuming you want to log on to the linux from the windows machines?
in the past i've used xwin32.  
this will allow you to run things from linux that require X on a windows 
and it's gotten the job done.  i've always used the demo version 
(because i didn't want
to pay for it), which is only supposed to let you stay connected for 2 
hours at a time if
i remember correctly.
hope this helps.

Gregory Haggquist wrote:

>I have a RedHat 9.0 Linux box on an internal network. I also have Window
>boxes on the internal network. I would like to remotely logon to the Linux
>box using a GNOME interface (instead of just ssh or telnet which only gives
>you text commands). Is there a program which will allow an X-server
>connection to do this?
>Greg Haggquist
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