[lug] Linux from Windows

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Mon Jul 28 12:49:24 MDT 2003

I will echo Nate's recommendation to use Cygwin.  The X server can use 
XDMCP to get a GUI login to the Linux box, or one can just tunnel X 
sessions through an SSH session (using Cygwin OpenSSH or PuTTY).  XDMCP 
is usually disabled and will need to be enabled if you want an actual X 
login prompt and desktop when you login.  There is a FAQ at Cygwin that 
will tell you how to enable it.  I've always found SSH tunneling suits 
my needs.


Gregory Haggquist wrote:

>I have a RedHat 9.0 Linux box on an internal network. I also have Window
>boxes on the internal network. I would like to remotely logon to the Linux
>box using a GNOME interface (instead of just ssh or telnet which only gives
>you text commands). Is there a program which will allow an X-server
>connection to do this?

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