[lug] I miss kpackage

Elyse Grasso emgrasso at data-raptors.com
Fri Aug 1 15:42:50 MDT 2003

I think whoever decided to pull kpackage out of the RedHat distributions 
was an idiot. There is nothing available with newer RedHat releases 
that provides the full functionality that kpackage provided in RedHat 
7.x releases. 

synaptic is slightly better than the RedHat Install/remove tool but does 
not provide information about the files installed by an rpm. It also 
doesn't seem to have a way of doing anything sensible if I try to point 
it at an rpm file which has been downloaded from wherever and is 
sitting on my hard drive.

Naturally, the two main uses I made of kpackage were installing 
miscellaneous downloaded rpms, and looking to see where in the 
directory tree package X had installed various pieces of itself (or 
planned to install pieces of itself). 

Elyse Grasso

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