[lug] /home sub-dir loses permission changes? (trying to set up Mac OS 9 automount to netatalk)

Brian Jarrett bjarrett at garcoschools.org
Sun Aug 3 18:20:51 MDT 2003

Hello all,

I had done "chmod 777 /home/GARCOSCHOOLS" on my test server to allow mac users to see the contents of the directory and allow automounting from OS 9 clients.  It worked for just a little while and then failed.  When I went back in to look at the permissions (because I couldn't browse the dir from a Mac anymore) the permissions were back to 755!

What would change permissions back on that folder and why?  How would I log or track the permissions on that dir so I could find the answer?

I'm hoping to be able to use a Linux server to share out home directories to both windows and mac (OS 8a.6 thru X) machines so a user (specifically students) can log in to any workstation and have their files automatically available.  (I'm trying to remove any complexity for the user, which makes it harder on me, of course.)

I have test machine running Mandrake 9.1 with Samba 2.2.7a and Netatalk running and operational.  Adding winbind into the mix allowed me to use the usernames and passwords from the Win2k domain.  So right now, I can connect to the server from a Windows or Mac machine and use the Win2k user accounts.  If they are logging in for the first time, pam_mkhomedir.so creates a directory for them in /home/GARCOSCHOOLS.  (GARCOSCHOOLS is the name of the Win2k domain)

In trying to set up automounts, I ran into the problem described above.

Any ideas?


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