[lug] /home sub-dir loses permission changes? (trying to set up Mac OS 9 automount to netatalk)

Brian Jarrett bjarrett at garcoschools.org
Sun Aug 3 21:51:26 MDT 2003

> Hi Brian,
> One thought that came to mind was that Mandrake might have
> a cron job that resets permissions of certain files as a
> security feature.  It might be worth looking into...
> Best regards,
> Case

Thanks for the tip!  There is an msec script set to run every hour.  It checks for world writable files.

I did another test, this time I chmod'ed the directory to 775 and changed the group to "Domain Users". I then found in /var/log/messages a statement that said /home/GARCOSCHOOLS had been changed by msec from 775 back to 755 at 9:01!  The group did not change back to root.

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