[lug] Dual Soundcard Woes

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Mon Aug 25 17:45:45 MDT 2003


I have a "VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C686 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 80)."
according to /proc/pci, using the via82cxxx_audio module that comes stock
with Red Hat 9. (The 2.4.20-8 version due to some buggyness in the
2.4.20-20.9 versions V4L drivers.)

I also have a "Burr-Brown Japan PCM2702" (according to
/proc/bus/usb/devices) sound device built into my home stereo receiver. 
It seems to use a driver simply called "audio" that is part of the USB
driver set.

I want to use the VT82cxxx for everything except a fixed set of multimedia
apps (xawtv/motv, mplayer, xine, xmms).

My first problem is that the USB device seems to be /dev/dsp and the sound
card (actually on board audio) is /dev/dsp1.  I'd like this to be the
other way around.  There is no entry in /etc/modules.conf for the USB
device . . . my first instinct was to just switch them around there.

The other thing is that control over which device gets used seem to be
flakey.  For instance the motv -C switch seems to do nothing.  I always
get the output from the soundcard.  With mplayer using -ao oss:/dev/dsp[1]
seems to give me control over which device is used about 90% of the time. 
The other 10% it just seems to "do what it wants to." I'm about as sure as
I can be that this isn't just fat-finger syndrome.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.


PS: I suspect someone will suggest "Just use Alsa." but there doesn't seem
to be an Alsa driver for the USB device.


PPS: Anyone know of any good "CD Player" app that supports CDDA?  I'd like
to be able to use my CDROM->USB->Home Stereo.

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