[lug] Minimalist Linux Install

Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Wed Aug 27 14:07:08 MDT 2003

zirotea asked:

> I'm looking to put linux on a 200MHz laptop, with 128megs of RAM, and
> a 10 gig disk.  I'm wondering what distrubtion and tweaking people
> would recommend?

Heh, when you said "minimalist" I assumed you would be asking about a 
486 with 8MB of RAM or something.  The configuration you describe is 
hardly minimalist, and I suspect any of the major distributions will 
install and run just fine on the system.

One problem you'll undoubtably see is trying to run KDE (or other 
heavyweight desktops) on a 200MHz processor.  It'll probably crawl, 
although you could disable all the eye candy and combobox animations, 
etc.  You might consider a "lighter" desktop like IceWM, WindowMaker, 
or even FVWM...


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