[lug] Dual Soundcard Woes

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Wed Aug 27 15:36:14 MDT 2003

Neil Doane said:
> * Peter Hutnick (peter-lists at hutnick.com), on [08-26-03 22:08], wrote:
>> Neil Doane said:
>> > * Peter Hutnick (peter-lists at hutnick.com), on [08-25-03 16:50],
>> wrote:
>> >> PPS: Anyone know of any good "CD Player" app that supports CDDA?
>> I'd like to be able to use my CDROM->USB->Home Stereo.
>> >
>> > XMMS
>> I found some apparently unmaintained source code that purported to be
>> an XMMS plugin for this purpose, but I couldn't do anything with it.
>> Can you elaborate a hair?
>> -Peter
> Sure.  What you want is the CD Audio Player plugin for XMMS, which
> comes
>  with the xmms package on my Debian system.  Here's the explanation
> from the XMMS README file (located in /usr/share/doc/xmms/README.gz on
> my
> system) which explains the slightly funky way in which the CD Audio
> plugin works.

This seems to not support CDDA at all.  This plugin appears to instruct
the CD drive to play the CD.  Since there is no way to plug the audio out
from the drive into the USB "soundcard" this doesn't do me any good.

Please note that CDDA is CD Digital Audio.  In this case reading an audio
CD as data over the IDE cable.  CDDB is CD Data Base, and is unrelated
(outside of the fact that they both relate to audio CDs).

Or am I confused?


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