[lug] Console Hardware

Joseph McDonald joem at uu.net
Wed Aug 27 18:13:44 MDT 2003

> Can you get an analog phone line?  A modem hanging off the serial port 
> of the Dell in auto-answer mode without any intelligence on the part of 
> the Dell, or you could run mgetty/ppp.

I hadn't thought of that but I can see myself getting
charged an arm and a leg for a pot's line.

> I don't know of any 1RU product that's going to be cheap enough to 
> justify to most folks these days... when you can get Via C3 chipset 
> mini-computer type machines so cheap...
> Something like that might be more useful than just a console box...?
> I've seen some pretty small non-rack-mount cases for those.
> That 1RU requirement hurts...

It does, but I just scored this:


on ebay for $46. Supports SSH v2, and IP filtering..


Ahh.. ebay..


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