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Warren Sanders warren at sandersonline.org
Fri Aug 29 11:01:16 MDT 2003

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Michael Deck wrote:

| I'm running several virtual domains on a single host machine, and I'm
having trouble reaching some of those domains from some remote hosts.
Not all, just some, but the host that can't reach me is my main client
:( Worse, I have several virtual hosts set up AFAICT identically, some
of them work and some of them don't. Could someone have a look at the
enclosed DNS files and let me know if I'm doing something terribly
wrong? I'm running BIND-9.2.1. Here is a lot of data describing my files.
| In addition to replying to the list, if you could copy
"president at eastboulderwater.com", I'd appreciate it. It may be your host
won't get through to my virtual domain either :)
| -Mike
| First, I have a file db.cleansoft_net which defines ns1.cleansoft.net
and ns2.cleansoft.net. This host is the only "non-virtual" host.
| >>>>>>>>>>>>>
| cleansoft.net.  IN SOA  ns1.cleansoft.net. postmaster.cleansoft.net. (
|                                 1       ; Serial

Be sure to increment your Serial number.  Try using a date method like
2003082902.  So if you made changes after the first start, it won't read
it.  Check your logs too.

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