[lug] Help mounting a wierd cd-rom

Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Sat Aug 30 08:27:28 MDT 2003

Paul asked:

> Is there a specific mounting method that works for
> CDs that were recorded as this one was recorded?

It sounds like it was burned using some "drag-and-drop" software such as 
Easy CD Creator's DirectCD.  In that case, the filesystem is actually 
UDF, so mounting with iso9660 or vfat won't work.  UDF, sometimes 
called "packet mode", permits individual files to be added and removed 
(well, actually hidden) rather than requiring an ISO image to be burned 
to the disc.

UDF support is included in recent kernels, although I don't know if 
[insert name of your distro and version] would have it.  When I pull up 
"make menuconfig" for 2.4.22 I see it under File Systems > UDF file 
system support.


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