[lug] Help mounting a wierd cd-rom

Mr Viggy LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Sat Aug 30 09:04:58 MDT 2003

It sounds like she "formatted" it to be a "drag-n-drop" type of disk, 
using direct access.

I don't know how to read it on Linux, but on a Windows box, the CD 
itself should have a UFS driver on it.  If the Windows machine doesn't 
have that driver installed, the CD will install it for you.

See if you can find a UFS disk driver for Linux, and mount it like that.

Sorry I couldn't be much more help.


Paul E Condon wrote:
> My daughter is visiting over the weekend from the East.
> She brought with her a CD that she burned on her 
> Windows machine. We cannot read it here on my Debian
> or on my wife's Mac. Our daughter says she recorded the
> CD by using file copy in Windows Explorer, and she says
> she can read it on her computer at home. I've tried
> mounting it using auto-mount and specifying vfat or
> ntfs. None of these work. We don't have a functioning
> Windows machine here to see if it can read the CD.
> Is there a specific mounting method that works for
> CDs that were recorded as this one was recorded?

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