[lug] Boredom Post: How many new lists?

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Sun Aug 31 11:02:04 MDT 2003

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> On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 at 10:14 -0600, The Matt soliloquized thusly:
> > So, it looks like someone with my address out there has Sobig.F.  That's
> > kind of annoying.  More annoying, though, is that they apparently have a
> > hojillion different mailing list subscription addresses in their address
> > book as well.
> >
> > I received about 70 messages in the last 24 hours and 60 of them were
> > from majordomos or the like.  And, unfortunately, some of them seemed to
> > be confirm-free subscribes.  Yay!  Any guesses as to how many new lists
> > I'm on?
> >
> > This all just makes me so happy to be a Linux user...and wish everyone
> > else was as well.
> Amen to that!  Here, I was feeling all smug for largely avoiding
> this mess.  Then, I remembered my parents :-(  They're running W2K
> because they need QuickBooks (doesn't run under WINE--I tried).
> I applied service pack 4 yesterday, and it broke QuickBooks and Norton
> Antivirus!
> I'll never understand why people put up with this nonsense.
> -d

Sadly, it appears even the Online edition of QuickBooks requires Windows and
IE, http://oe.quickbooks.com/try/

If, by chance, other browsers could use it... then you could wean them off.
ActiveX appears to be integral to using QB online.  If MS is enjoined from
using the plugins under the recent judgement in favor of Eolas and UC, it
could have implications for this and some other web based services.


Of course, this could also impact other such enabled browsers.

Frank Whiteley

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