[lug] Best block size?

The Matt thompsma at colorado.edu
Mon Sep 15 13:51:30 MDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-15 at 13:19, Matthew Snelham wrote:
> On 15 Sep 2003 11:46 AM or thereabouts, The Matt wrote:
> > Well, I can't answer this very well, but I'm wondering what filesystem
> > you are thinking of using?  I'd probably recommend ReiserFS if you have
> > many thousands of small files.  ReiserFS doesn't really use blocks but
> > trees.  It can often be 10x faster than ext3 on small files.  On large
> > files (e.g., ISOs) it's usually comparable to ext3 (no big advantage).
> > 
> > But, if doesn't work well with NFS or software RAID.  So, if that's what
> > you'll be using, ReiserFS won't work.
> Modern versions of ReiserFS work fine in both NFS and software RAID
> configurations.  There were problems early in the 2.4 series, but they have
> since been ironed out.   Quota support even works now, though that is
> somewhat less mature than the equivilant in ext3.
> My primary NFS server is currently exporting a 96 GB, ReiserFS, software RAID1
> /home partition to 6 machines.  Haven't had any issues.
> I've also deployed ReiserFS as the primary filesystem on a 256 node
> cluster, and it survived stress testing without a single error or lost
> byte.  Can't say the same for ext3, which I've has lock up machines with a
> number of different kernel versions. (of course, I've used ext3 on probably
> 5-6 times as many servers as Reiser, so toss some salt over your shoulder
> here)

Well, I guess I last looked at ReiserFS + NFS/RAID a long time ago. 
Good to know though.  My next box will probably have soft RAID, and I'll
probably use ReiserFS or Reiser4.

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