[lug] [Sorta-OT] Linux->Solaris Porting Bug

David Morris lists at morris-clan.net
Mon Sep 15 15:29:13 MDT 2003

Appologies for the (mostly) OT post, but I'm getting close
to my wits end on a bug:

I'm porting an application I wrote from Linux (x86) to
Solaris 8 (sparc).  Everything works just fine with only
linking changes with one exception:  I cannot redirect
output from the program.  For example:

    a.out > foo.txt

The file "foo.txt" is empty.  The application is (I think)
at least partially running, but it definately is not at full
functionality (has several network connections and keyboard
input to test with).

A few items of note:

- compiler is gcc 3.1
- multi-threded using pthreads
- stdio routines for i/o (e.g. printf)
- 7 active TCP/IP communication sockets.
- A test program (print ("hello world\n");) works normally

Has anyone come accross a problem like this before, or have
any ideas on where to look for possible problems?


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