[lug] Best block size?

John Karns jkarns at csd.net
Wed Sep 17 14:40:04 MDT 2003

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003, Matthew Snelham said:

> Modern versions of ReiserFS work fine in both NFS and software RAID
> configurations.  There were problems early in the 2.4 series, but they have
> since been ironed out.   Quota support even works now, though that is
> somewhat less mature than the equivilant in ext3.
> My primary NFS server is currently exporting a 96 GB, ReiserFS, software RAID1
> /home partition to 6 machines.  Haven't had any issues.

[ ... ]

> And of course, YMMV.

And indeed it does.  I've been using reiserfs on various servers for the
past 18 - 24 months without any problems really worth mentioning ... until
now.  I've run into a corruption issue with NFS (ver 3 compatibility
option set) and 2.4.21 & 2.4.22 kernels with the HIGH_MEM (2GB) enabled
w/ "HIGHMEM I/O support" / CONFIG_HIGHIO.  Looks like if I want to use
more than 896 MB, I'll have to use another filesystem.

John Karns

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