[lug] RedHat/KRUD v9.0 Window Manager

Andrew J Jenkins andrew at winston.homelinux.org
Wed Sep 17 21:13:21 MDT 2003

I think the easiest way to fix this is to go to the Gnome Session
Manager, and set "metacity" to trash, then hit apply.  Then, from a
terminal, type

killall metacity; sleep 2; sawfish &

and you should get sawfish up.  Set it to a low prioriy with restart in
the session manager, and then save the changes.  This is for LFS, but
Gnome 2, so it should work in redhat.

On 9/17/2003, "Hugh Brown" <hugh at math.byu.edu> wrote:

>On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 17:14, Gary Hodges wrote:
>> What is the window manager running under gnome and how do you configure
>> the bugger?  This quest started when I tried to find the setting, I
>> think its called "window resistance", that will let me bump up against
>> another window without sliding over/under it.  It doesn't look like
>> sawfish is running.  I see lots of sawfish configuration options, but no
>> way to change to sawfish.
>> Gary
>Redhat 9 out of the box uses metacity and Gnome.  I found I didn't like
>it at all and switched to KDE.  Chances are you can install sawfish and
>run that instead but there will be some behind the scenes configuring to
>do so.
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