[lug] debian

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Thu Sep 18 13:40:18 MDT 2003

I'm beginning to play with debian and haven't had a whole lot of luck.

I did a net install with the floppies and got woody installed. 
Unfortunately, it doesn't know what to do with my video card (Nvidia Ge
Force 2 Go) nor my wireless card.  

I tried dselect'ing a 2.4 kernel but every time I boot into it, the
system won't respond to keyboard input.

I added testing to my sources.list and did a dist-upgrade.  Booting into
the 2.4 kernel still got my to a system that wouldn't respond to
keyboard input.

So, my question is this:  what's the best way to get Debian installed
with a 2.4 kernel and a recent version of Xfree86 (the laptop is working
fine with Redhat 9 w/o the NVIDIA drivers).

I've gone lightly over some of the debian documentation but haven't had
much luck with it.  What should I be reading to get myself more familiar
with Debian?


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