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dave.hagerty at bigfoot.com dave.hagerty at bigfoot.com
Thu Sep 18 14:02:54 MDT 2003

> I'm porting an application I wrote from Linux (x86) to
> Solaris 8 (sparc).  Everything works just fine with only
> linking changes with one exception:  I cannot redirect
> output from the program.  For example:
>     a.out > foo.txt
> The file "foo.txt" is empty.  The application is (I think)
> at least partially running, but it definately is not at full
> functionality (has several network connections and keyboard
> input to test with).


   Forgive me if this has already been suggested.  Have you looked
at it with truss under Solaris?  On my Solaris 9 system, I wrote
hello, world and trussed it (truss a.out).  Here's the (noddy)

ioctl(1, TCGETA, 0xFFBFDD1C)                    = 0
fstat64(1, 0xFFBFDC38)                          = 0
Hello world
write(1, " H e l l o   w o r l d\n", 12)        = 12

Note the write on fd 1 (i.e. stdout) and the fact that it
returns a 12 (the number of characters in Hello world\n).
Can you do this in the offending application?


Dave Hagerty
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