[lug] debian

David Morris lists at morris-clan.net
Thu Sep 18 15:22:04 MDT 2003

On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 05:18:38PM -0400, Hugh Brown wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 16:39, David Morris wrote:
> > I have yet to find any hardware that runs on RH that cannot
> > run on Debian.  95% of the time all you have to do is load
> > the appropriate module (which is already installed)....the
> > other 5% of the time, Linux support is so iffy in the first
> > place, not even RH can get it to "just work" for a novice
> > user.
> > 
> I assumed the same, which is why I installed debian.  I would like to
> get debian to work for a couple of reasons:  security releases won't
> stop one year after the version is released (my primary reason) and apt.
> Also, I wouldn't classify myself as a novice (not that you were
> insinuating that).  I think it fair to say that the dialect of Linux
> that Debian speaks is a fair bit different than the commercial Linux
> distributions.

Well, the "commercial" distributions are really all one
distribution with minor tweaks....Mandrake and Suse are both
really RH with small variations.  So yes, they are all
different from Debian (or most of the other linux distros,
for that matter).  Common sense works better on Debian too
(at least for me, cannot speak for others).

> Also, where can I find the dpkg equivalents of 
> rpm -qa
> rpm -qi
> rpm -ql

I can't help with direct correlations, but dpkg isn't
obscure.  My most common used:

dpkg --listfiles
dpkg --list
dpkg --status
dpkg --search

dpkg is your friend, apt is the tool that manages dpkg.


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