pjr at ucar.edu pjr at ucar.edu
Thu Sep 18 20:43:31 MDT 2003

I think you should try one of the latest Knoppix distributions.

For those who dont know it is a live-CD debian distribution with
really great hardware detection. You download the image, burn a CD,
pop the CD into your machine, 
boot, and let it figure out virtually all your hardware. If you like
what you see then you issue a command to do a hardware install.

It will give you a bleeding edge debian release with a 2.4 kernel, and
a very modern version of the X-server.

In fact a good deal of it will be packages from the debian unstable or
testing distribution so if you are not happy with that you might have
to downgrade after the initial distribution.

In your case the hardware recognition is may not be up to getting the nvidia
cards. If so you have to enter a "cheatcode" on the boot prompt. If you enter

knoppix xmodule=nv

and you are lucky, it should install fine.

Please let us know if you tried it, and what your luck was.

I swear (only the good kind of swearing mind you) by Knoppix.

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