[lug] cisco 675

dave.hagerty at bigfoot.com dave.hagerty at bigfoot.com
Fri Sep 19 11:59:42 MDT 2003

> i got adsl service in ireland, they sent me some specs about it
> which says:


   You say you're in Ireland, but you're sending mail to a LUG
in Boulder, Colorado.  I'm new to the mailing list, so perhaps
my confusion isn't shared by others here, but I'm not sure how
much help we can be.

The Cisco 675 and 678 are both discontinued here in the states,
having been replaced by other equipment.  When I had a 675, it
came up with a sheet that said how to set it up for both static
and dynamic IP.  It would appear that you have a static IP address.

Usually, your service provider (Qwest, for example) provides such
instructions.  Did you get any instructions?


Dave Hagerty
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