[lug] cisco 675

Mariusz Handke oiram at oiram.dhs.org
Fri Sep 19 15:14:24 MDT 2003

> > i got adsl service in ireland, they sent me some specs about it
> > which says:
>    You say you're in Ireland, but you're sending mail to a LUG
> in Boulder, Colorado

i know but i'm looking for someone who is familiar with configuring
that hardware, no matter where

> When I had a 675, it
> came up with a sheet that said how to set it up for both static
> and dynamic IP.  It would appear that you have a static IP address.

yes, i have static one, but all i've got from my isp is kind of sheet
containing parameters and some kind of wiring manual, thats all

> Usually, your service provider (Qwest, for example) provides such
> instructions.  Did you get any instructions?

no, they cant even answer my questions in such a case, i'm trying to
do something for last week without success

---=[ Mariusz *OiRaM* Handke ]=---

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