[lug] cisco 675

Mariusz Handke oiram at oiram.dhs.org
Fri Sep 19 19:29:31 MDT 2003

> > i got adsl service in ireland, they sent me some specs about it
> > which says:
> Did you try searching the web?

i'm trying for last almost 10 days without success

> http://cyber-wire.com/html/cisco%20675%20dsl.htm

doesn't work

> First hit I got googling for "cisco 675 configure dsl"

already after google/altavista/lycos but i think my cisco is
simply not syncing with dslam because wan led is flashing

> Ah, off to reward my self with a Guinness.

oh yea

---=[ Mariusz *OiRaM* Handke ]=---

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