[lug] cisco 675

Mr Viggy LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Fri Sep 19 21:48:47 MDT 2003

Basically, well on the 678 anyway, you can query the interface to see if 
it's trained up, when you program it for all the other various settings 
("show interface")

The DSL "modem" and the port connection (either at the Stinger box or 
the central office) need to create a basic connection.  Kinda like two 
modems negotiating a communication speed (all the old beeps and blaaps). 
  With DSL this happens whether you can log into your ISP or not.  It 
just means that you have communication to the CO (and hopefully the ISP, 
as long as QWest has routed your conenction correctly).

Now that I think about it, you are correct.  The 678 has two WAN lights, 
a green and orange.  The green is on solid when you're trained up.

If your 675 isn't even training, I'd stop right there.  Start checking 
physical connections (plug a regular phone into the same jack as the 
675, do you get dial tone?).  In a nutshell, if your modem doesn't train 
up, you can forget about everything else.  You're not even talking to 
the CO at that point.

Also, you need to be sure that your DSL is compatible with the 675.  The 
675 only does CAP encoding.  The newer standard over here is DMT, and 
the Cisco 678 will do both DMT and CAP encoding.


Peter Hutnick wrote:
> Mr Viggy said:
>>Are you sure that the 675 is the proper device for your DSL connection?
>>  Out here in Colorado, the 675 was used, then the phone company
>>swithced to newer equipment, and we all needed the 678.
>>I forget the exact differences.  Does your 675 even train up?  You
>>shouldn't need to set anything to see if it's trained.
> I don't know what "trained" means, but his blink code indicates that it
> isn't . . .
> I started another reply about this a while ago, but Cisco's site took my
> Konqueror down.
> -Peter
> .

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