[lug] cisco 675

Mariusz Handke oiram at oiram.dhs.org
Sat Sep 20 03:51:43 MDT 2003

> Are you sure that the 675 is the proper device for your DSL connection? 

the problem is that im not sure and my isp is not answering me

>   Out here in Colorado, the 675 was used, then the phone company 
> swithced to newer equipment, and we all needed the 678.
> I forget the exact differences. 

maybe the newer equipment has dmt (instead of cap as c675
only can handle)

> Does your 675 even train up?

no, just wan-lnk led is flashing

> You shouldn't need to set anything to see if it's trained.

thanks thats important answer, so line has ty be trained (synced)
before any configuration?

---=[ Mariusz *OiRaM* Handke ]=---

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