Konq crash (was: Re: [lug] cisco 675)

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Sat Sep 20 07:43:30 MDT 2003

Nate Duehr said:
> Peter Hutnick wrote:
>>  I started another reply about this a while ago, but Cisco's site took
>> my Konqueror down.
> Pet-peeve...
> If the browser crashed, that's a bug in the browser... call it what it
> is.

You are 100% correct.  Both the site and the browser have a bug, but it
was the browser that crashed, and that's the browser's fault.

But I think the phrasing is still valid.  Anyway, it's a lot more straight
forward than "a bug on Cisco's site exposed a bug in Konqueror that
crashed it."


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