[lug] Sending Email To Multiple Recipients

dan radom dan at radom.org
Sun Sep 21 17:05:46 MDT 2003

* SoloCDM (deedsmis at aculink.net) wrote:
> I need to know what everyone is using to send email to multiple
> recipients.  An email program like Pine, Netscape, IE, and many
> similar programs force the sender to list all the recipients at
> once so the recipients know everyone who received the message.
> No, BCC is not what I am suggesting.
> I'm not sure a mailing list manager like Mailman, Majordomo,
> and many others is the proper avenue.  I always think of them
> as two-way and I am only trying to go one direction.  I want the
> program to email all the recipients, but only have the sender's
> and recipient's email addresses in the headers for "From:" and "To:".
> Sendmail isn't a solution.  When I use an alias to send email
> messages, the name of the alias userslist below remains as the name
> that the recipient receives.
>    userslist: ":include:/etc/mail/userslist"
> The program also needs to allow files to be attached, if it becomes
> necessary.

I was recently in the market for a small list manager, and I settled on
minimalist, which is procmail based.  It works like a charm.


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