[lug] Fedora

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Wed Sep 24 11:58:58 MDT 2003

Joseph McDonald wrote:

>>  "fedora project" - will be like the Debian testing branch with 
>>    folks from RH mostly taking the lead on coordinating releases, 
>>    choosing packages which packages/vers go in, writing docs, 
>>    etc.  RH will *NOT* be selling or formally supporting (in terms 
>>    of service contracts) the Fedora Project in a direct fashion.
>>  RHEL (of which there are currently 3 flavors) will be like Debian
>>    stable and will be sold and supported by RH for relatively long
>>    release cycles.  RHEL will, over time, "absorb" the versions of 
>>    packages that are used/tested/etc in the fedora project.
>So going forward only RHEL is suitable for production systems? You can't 
>expect to run RHL in production unless you pay (a bunch) for a license? I 
>think you can kiss RHL's dominant position goodbye. Let's say I want to
>roll out a RHL webserver farm. Does Redhat expect me to pay around a grand
>for a license, then a monthly fee to subscribe to their errata/rhn service?
RHN is included with the annual fee.  


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