[lug] Remapping Backspace key

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Wed Sep 24 13:47:15 MDT 2003

Not sure if remapping is the proper term here...  A colleague is using 
Mac OSX with X Window software called eXodus to access Solaris, DEC and 
Linux machines in the lab.  He uses tcsh on all the machines and has the 
following code in his .cshrc files:

        if ($?prompt) then
                stty erase "^h"
                stty erase "^?"

On everything but the Red Hat 7.3 machine this makes the big delete key 
(PC Backspace key) work as expected.  On the Linux machine he gets ~ 
when the large delete key is struck.  I tried connecting to my machine 
where I use bash and the large delete key does nothing.  Suggestions?


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