[lug] Remapping Backspace key

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Thu Sep 25 09:23:38 MDT 2003

Bill Jorgensen wrote:

>On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Gary Hodges wrote:
>>On everything but the Red Hat 7.3 machine this makes the big delete key 
>>(PC Backspace key) work as expected.  On the Linux machine he gets ~ 
>>when the large delete key is struck.  I tried connecting to my machine 
>>where I use bash and the large delete key does nothing.  Suggestions?
>I found that there are times that Cntl ^V is needed for the stty setting
>to take effect. While you edit your .*shrc file use the command,
>stty erase Cntl ^V (then type the key you want for backspace)
>It has worked for me on many platforms. See if this will help.
Thanks for that suggestion.  It was actually one I was trying to 
remember yesterday, but unfortunately it didn't work.  I just finished 
playing around on my colleague's Mac and I have a bit more info.  The 
large and small delete keys work the same on the Solaris and DEC 
machines in that they both operate like a backspace key.  Again, on the 
Linux machine they both display a ~ when depressed.  Some of what I have 

 >stty erase ^[[3~           #The char sequence comes from "Ctrl v delete"
 >stty erase "^[[3~"    
Both yield the error:  stty: invalid integer argument `'

I guess they key will be getting stty to recognize the ^[[3~ sequence as 
the delete key.


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