[lug] LabVIEW-on-Linux question

Ed Hill ed at eh3.com
Thu Sep 25 10:47:06 MDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 12:24, David A. Merritt wrote:
> Hello, group.
> I'm using NI LabVIEW (LV) on Linux and am trying to get LV 
> to talk to a USB-to-RS422 converter via the VISA device interface.  
> Does anyone on the list have LV-on-Linux experience?
> Here are some details:
> Linux:  RH 7.3, up to date on RPM's
> LV: 6.1
> USB converter box: Edgeport/2i
> Linux see's the box (with io_ti module) and will talk to it via 
> /dev/usb/ttyUSBx correctly.  LV, when told to map the 
> /dev/usb/ttyUSB0 device to a VISA device see's it, but when told to 
> write a string to it, I get an I/O error code (generic code; no real 
> info).
> NI/LV dev zone site is no help.
> Any suggestions?  Ed Hill, have you done this?

Hi dam,

Not over a USB device but that shouldn't matter.

When you say "told to map the /dev/usb/ttyUSB0 device", you mean that
your ~/.labviewrc file has something like:

  labview.serialDevices: "/dev/ttyS0:/dev/ttyS1"

but with the /dev/usb/ttyUSBx devices listed, right?  If so, good.

OK, I *hate* LabVIEW's newer VISA abstraction-layer junk.  I've been
using the old-style "I/O Compatibility" --> "Serial Compatibility" VIs. 
Yes, they're deprecated.  I don't care.  They work well for me and have
make setting odd serial disciplines a lot easier.

Please give them a try.  Can you get any bytes in/out using them?

If not, send me an email personally and I'll send you some C software
that you can use to test whether the ports are working using the
standard C "termios.h" interfaces.


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