[lug] Speakers still needed...

Chris Riddoch Christopher.Riddoch at colorado.edu
Thu Sep 25 23:58:58 MDT 2003

Hi, everyone.

Nobody's yet made any suggestions for talks, since I posted a couple
weeks ago.  I *could* perhaps say a little about my recent experiences
with SuSE, and fairly recent experiences with Debian, given that I
recently switched from Debian to SuSE, but most of the other things I
could talk about have more to do with linguistics than Linux.

Given that I'm working on my master's thesis, I'd *prefer* for other
people to give talks for a while, but I could throw something together
comparing Debian Testing and SuSE 8.2.

So once again: anybody got something you want to talk about?  Hear
about?  Let us know!

Christopher.Riddoch at colorado.edu
 - epistemological humility -

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