[lug] XFce4 is out

The Matt thompsma at colorado.edu
Fri Sep 26 08:17:30 MDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-09-26 at 02:05, rm at fabula.de wrote:
> I actually did after a recent mention on this list. It _does_ look very
> nice and shure performs well on my old hardware. The one think that keeps
> me from switching to it is the lack (?) of (customizable) keyboard short-
> cuts. I currently use pekwm, and i can do _everything_ from the keyboard.
> Finally a good use for this windows key ;-)
> Did i miss some obvious thing or is this really intended?

Try looking here (#9 if the div'ing fails):


You can do 10 shortcuts in xfwm4, for more you need something like

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