[lug] market power -> vulnerability ?

David Owen Kritzberg david.kritzberg at colorado.edu
Fri Sep 26 14:06:32 MDT 2003

> On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 12:50:44AM -0700, bill ehlert wrote:
> > about os's  --  whether they be windows,
> > linux, mac os, bsd, whatever:
> > 
> > that whenever there's one with an
> > almost-monopoly position, there's
> > an almost-irresistable target for
> > crackers.
> Maybe M$ being a monopoly makes it a irresistable target,
> but Fort Knox is also an irresistable target, and there
> is no record of a pre-teen kid breaking into it.
> No, the real problem is bad design, and bad information
> for users on how to protect themselves. It like selling
> safe deposit vaults that have no lock, and in irremoveable
> sign announcing "Open".
> -- 
> Paul E Condon           
> pecondon at peakpeak.com    
I'm on your side but I think your metaphor is a bad one.  Unless
you're just demagoguein'...


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