[lug] Fedora *MEETS* KRUD comments wanted

Jeffrey Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Fri Sep 26 16:33:20 MDT 2003

Ed Hill wrote:
>>You're not violating copyright laws, but you would be violating the 
>>contract you have with Red Hat for the RHN *service*.
> And how could that be?  How can Red Hat (or anyone for that matter)
> place further restrictions on licenses such as the GPL?  The answer is
> simple: they can't.

Because it isn't a question of restrictions, it is a question of 
pricing.  The RHN service is priced on the basis of how many systems it 
is used *for* (and not, as you suggested, on the basis of "direct 
connections").  Read the agreement.

The GPL does not obligate Red Hat to deliver updates or any other 
service to you, ever.  If you want them to do so, you have to agree to 
their terms and pricing, or you are free to go elsewhere.

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